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There’s a new Publication in town, and you’re invited to play!

Holly Jahangiri
4 min readJul 10, 2020


Photo by Seven Shooter on Unsplash

Reading Rhombus

Reading Rhombus is “a journal curating diverse stories from the four corners of Medium.” It is the brainchild of Rasheed Hooda (The Pied Piper) and Holly Jahangiri (The Amusing Muse and technical muscle of the team), and we are dedicated, first and foremost, to promoting writers and publications from the “four corners” of Medium.

We started off with a square, but squares aren’t cool enough — and they call to mind other web spaces that have nothing to do with us. We finally settled on a rhombus, which is cool, but the name was taken. It’s actually not taken, but Medium wouldn’t let us have it.

So then we tried on things like “Rhombus Room” and “Reading Rhombus,” but that got one of us (me) giggling at the thought of “Romper Room” and “Reading Rainbow.” Which, after about fifteen minutes, kind of grew on me.

Writing Challenge

I know that some of you are actively looking for new writing challenges — either to stretch and grow as a writer, or simply to alleviate boredom. Timothy Key has been writing about the ones he’s found and joined — a new one every day! — and I hope he’ll include this, as well.

Our new publication does have some very specific requirements. They’re not hard to meet, but it’s important to understand them before submitting.

In addition to your own writing — which can be any type of writing: non-fiction, fiction, poetry — on any topic, your Story must do the following:

Highlight the work of four different Medium writers with Stories they’ve posted on Medium that do not all appear in a single publication

We’re looking for diversity of voices and publications. While we’d prefer four by…