Misplaced empathy teaches wisdom with sharp lessons

Empathy is a cruel bird with sharp talons.
I almost relented.

I saw your note, this morning.
The one where you channeled your Dr. Jeckyll self —
That pale reflection of the outer you
That’s almost gracious, unassuming,
Giving gratitude and credit where it’s due —
Not that Mr. Hyde that shines behind your eyes
Who drives both friends and family to block the door,
Quietly erasing traces of themselves and hoping
“Out of sight” is “out of mind.”

I don’t know you.
You don’t scare me.

What could I say that would help you —
Or end you?

Plenty, as it turns out. But I don’t.

I worry about the women you’ll encounter,
About those colleagues who make your life
A living hell (you say),
About all you encounter, lash out at,
Half a world away —

Your misery is an abyss that hungers,
Starving for more miserable company.
No, I think you’re more talk than action,
And nothing’s actionable: Unless you act.

Just take your toxic self, that selfish avatar —
And go away.

Writer and Kid-at-Heart, often found at https://jahangiri.us. Subscribe to my (free!) Newsletter: https://hollyjahangiri.substack.com

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