Here’s the Kicker

Let’s Write a Story

And, in the process, discover some of the features of Medium

Holly Jahangiri
11 min readMay 24, 2020


Prepare to Be Amazed! (Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash)

7 Important Blargs to Blargity Blarg

First, enter a catchy title. You could use a click-baity title, here. You could include a number — and clearly, the odder the number, the better! You could evaluate all your options through CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, as so many writers here are eager to suggest. Just beware — your score there isn’t necessarily an indication of a good headline.

CoScheduler Would Let Me Get By With This

I think natural, organic titles, just like natural, organic vegetables are best. Your title should whet the reader’s appetite, but nobody likes red herrings. The meal is the Story itself, and it had better live up to the promise of the appetizer. So don’t be too cute or too coy about your title. Give readers a solid reason to click, then deliver on the promise.

I have no more blargs to blargity blarg about that.

Here’s the Kicker

No, actually, it’s not literally here. It’s above the title. It says “Here’s the Kicker.” (I told you, I’m not into being coy!) I don’t know why Medium has to make this so convoluted, but it’s not hard. After you type your title, put your cursor before the first word of the title and start typing what you want for a “Kicker.” Hit, mash, smash, squoosh, tap, or tickle the Enter key to put it on a line by itself, then click on one of the words. When you see this:

Formatting the Kicker

Click the smaller T (to the right of the big green T shown above).

Easy, right?

Subtitles Don’t Have to be TOO Subtle

Do something along those lines to create yourself a subtitle, right under the title. Make it work for you…