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Hear My Prayer

Holly Jahangiri
Nov 14, 2020


Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

In blinded rage, I cursed You
Railed against heaven’s canvas
Of gold, blue, red, green, orange -

Stricken in its prime, my heart
Brewed stagnant, dark, fermented
Poison for my aching veins.

“Domine Deus…” My lips,
Once eager to form the words
Could not but profane the thought.

My fury burned like the sun.
I turned my back, walked away –
You left the door wide open.
Give me time.

And now…
Before the simple solace
of the slowly setting sun,
I stand. Beneath heaven’s arch,
A rainbow of redemption.
Hear my prayer.

From this thunderhead of grief,
This howling wind of sorrow,
Cast a lightning bolt of hope.
Hear my prayer.

Deep within my veins I feel
Life’s subtle tide, ebb and flow…
Teach me to be like the moon;
Hear my prayer.
Hear my prayer.

Copyright 1990–2020 Holly Jahangiri.



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