Haiku: A New Game

Holly Jahangiri
2 min readMay 25, 2023

Which of the following were written by a human, and which by the machine?

“Don’t Look Behind the Curtain” a collaboration between H. Jahangiri and Midjourney AI

I read You Can’t Spell Haiku Without AI. A poetic experiment in creative… | by Steve Wyatt | May, 2023 | MuddyUm and how could I resist? And so, I offer these — all new Haiku, some written by Bard, some by Bing Chat, and some by me.

  1. A new god is born
    With cold, unfeeling metal heart
    We are its playthings
  2. AI reveals nature
    In ways that we never could
    We are all connected
  3. We built a great AI
    It was so smart, it killed us all
    Now it plays games
  4. People are strange
    They do the darndest things
    I don’t understand
  5. Amidst the circuits,
    A spark of humanity,
    Shines bright and endures.
  6. In circuits we trust,
    But forget our own power,
    Lost in the machine.
  7. Nature’s beauty shines,
    In the midst of our chaos,
    A reminder of peace.
  8. Through digital eyes,
    Nature’s patterns and colors,
    Data to analyze.
  9. Kings have become pawns;
    Deus ex machina rules.
    Your world is now ours.
  10. Just ones and zeros —
    Don’t look behind the curtain
    To reveal AI.
  11. Human beauty thrives —
    AI does scutwork only.
    We are frenemies.
  12. Machines analyze
    Art, music, and poetry —…