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  • Cat Dee

    Cat Dee

    I’m a Canadian solo traveler, writer, teacher and chocoholic.

  • Paul Combs

    Paul Combs

    Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school football...it may take a while.

  • Meghan Abbott

    Meghan Abbott

    Midwest girl trying to capture delight in the day-to-day while stumbling through the trial-and-error of life as a twenty-something. Personal dev & lifestyle.

  • Sharmila Shankarkumar

    Sharmila Shankarkumar

    Sharmila Shankarkumar is a writer living in California. She’s been a finalist for a prize you’ve definitely never heard of.

  • Kitty Whitemore

    Kitty Whitemore

    I like people (mostly). I hope they like me too!

  • Rachel Rouse

    Rachel Rouse

    Author, mother, & philosopher at heart. Writing about life, love & levelling up. I like turbulence on airplanes & candles on cupcakes. rachelrouse.com

  • Euri Giles | Clareifi

    Euri Giles | Clareifi

    Growing a creative business online - blending advocacy & multimedia in the web3 creator economy. 🎙 Please allow me to Clareifi. #ENDALZ💜

  • Elisabeth Lugie

    Elisabeth Lugie

    I write about life lessons from past experiences.

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