• Danielle Vega

    Danielle Vega

    I tell scary stories, & I want to know what shade of lipstick you're wearing. PLL's Marlene King is turning my YA horror novel, THE MERCILESS, into a movie.

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Writing productivity coach and co-founder of Prolifiko. https://prolifiko.com/

  • Gabi Zinum

    Gabi Zinum

    Urban planner and architect, right after human rights activist. Writer at Curious and Climate Conscious

  • Leah O'Daniel

    Leah O'Daniel

    Creative writer. Sociologist. Writing about trauma, healing, and everything in between. Old enough to have a skincare routine. Find me: www.leahwriteshere.com

  • Katie Joy Cochran

    Katie Joy Cochran

    Maverick • Rambler • Veteran • Underdog Champion • Boldly Unbroken

  • Sterling Ledet

    Sterling Ledet

    Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Microsoft authorized training centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, San Diego and Washington DC.

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