A “tough love” open letter to a disgruntled wannabe

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I’m sorry that you’ve been sold a pack of lies. It’s not the lies you think you bought, though. To say that I “never started writing for the money” means that I started writing in fifth grade. I sat by the…

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Listen! Listen, as nimble fingers tap
Staccato beats across the keys,
Pausing —
A caesura before pouncing, trouncing!
Clash! go the dissonant thoughts,
The clamoring words.
What a mumbling jumble as letters,
They tumble!
How freeing it’s been, divorcing
Sense for Seuss and reason for raisins —
The tiniest taste of mint-flavored paste.
Feral words run…

Advice to the “new writers” out there

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I read this thought-provoking piece over coffee this morning:

My first thought was, “Nobody owes you a damned thing, newbie.” But then I finished the first cup, and poured a second, reminiscing over my days as a new writer. During which time, more…

Lady, you were not meant to be the bird’s breakfast

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Elegy at the Bird Bath

Lady, who told you you could swim?
You were meant to fly;
Not to float upon your own reflection
Waiting for a clever robin,
Or a hungry, ill-tempered jay
To pluck you from the placid pool –
Cool on a bright…

“Better Late than Never,” they said, but they had never met the Inner Editor.

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That’s what the sign said. YOU’RE LATE. Above that, someone had written the word “IN” in red Sharpie marker, complete with proofreader’s marks to show that the word ought to appear between “YOU’RE and…

The sleepiest of sleepy little towns that time forgot.

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I’m pretty sure that I was pushed, but I managed to catch myself as I tumbled out of the train and onto the Maybe Station platform in the town of Some Day.

Where was everybody? I went into the station to…

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